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Our smart electric push-bike that is bound to change the way you feel about commuting

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But also be safe and comfortable. Vinghen’s signature standing riding position brings extra versatility and engagement to your daily commute. The wide tyres give you comfortable experience, whilst improving grip and safety.

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Deniz Tourgout


ENG. Tsvetan Iliev


ENG. Viktor Vasilev

Head of Engineering

Rayna Hristov

Head Of Marketing


JULY 2016

First sketch of Vinghen created

Frustrated by his daily commute, Tsvetan decided to transform the way he travels around the city. He started with a sketch.

2016- 2018

Design and development

Tsvetan , still working by himself and in his spare time created the engineering design of Vinghen.

AUG 2018

Making tools and ordering parts

With the design done, it was time to order some parts and create some molds and tools needed to manufacture the prototypes.


Vinghen LTD is founded

It became clear that Vinghen is so outstanding that it shouldn’t be a one off product. We formed a company.


Assembling the first prototypes

We assembled two prototypes of Vinghen Ti1.

APRIL 2019

World premiere

We showcased our prototypes at Moto Expo 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The public loved us!

MAY 2019

Vinghen at the Museum

We were among the finalists of a product design competition and Vinghen was exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, Serbia.


We spent over two years testing in various conditions. We conquered 8500 ft mountain peaks and seaside beaches. We travelled thousands of miles in the city too.


Production Design

Based on our tests and on users’ feedback we made some subtle changes to the design. We selected our suppliers and we are now ready to reach our first customers.

Save $500 by placing a $99 deposit now.



720 Wh integrated Li-ion.
Rear hub motor Up to 750W depending on market and configuration
Up to 25 km/h Depending on local regulations.
Real world range up to 45 km Depending on motor, rider, route and weather.
Mechanical or hydraulic disk brakes depending on configuration.
Rider height
Recommended rider height 160 – 190 cm.
A choice between 10 standard and optional colors.
26″ x 3.0 at the front 20″ x 3.0 at the rear.


What will Vinghen Ti1 look like?

Vinghen Ti1 will resemble the images shown on this website very closely. However, do keep in mind that the images and colors shown here are artistic expressions and prototype photographs that are not an exact reflection of the product specifications. Photographs and video of the actual product will be available later this year.
When will it be available?
If you reserved your Vinghen, you will be able to purchase one with a discount around September/October 2022. Deliveries are scheduled for early 2023.
Will it be available globally?
You can only reserve Vinghen if you live in the USA, Canada, the UK or any EU member state.
Will there be a seat?
We believe that a standing riding position is so much better for commuting, so we do not plan on offering an optional seat.
What happens after I pay my deposit?
We will let you know how and when you can order your Vinghen with a discount. You can cancel your reservation at any time before that and we will issue a full refund no questions asked.
Who are you?
Vinghen Ti1 is a product of Vinghen LTD, a London-based incorporated company with a company number 09851513. Our R&D and assembly are based in Bulgaria.

The team behind Vinghen is led by automotive engineers and serial enterpreneurs:

Tsvetan Iliev – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tsvetan-iliev/

Deniz Tourgout – https://www.linkedin.com/in/deniz-tourgout-95129a87/

Viktor Vasilev – https://www.linkedin.com/in/viktor-vasilev/